Turkish Citizenship Through
Real Estate Ownership

Did you know that citizens of more than 25 countries around the world obtained Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership?

Buy real estate worth of
Directly obtain the Turkish citizenship

The necessary steps for your suitable property

After choosing the preferable property which has the value of usd 400,000.


Choosing right property

the value of the property is transferred from the buyer's bank account to the account of the Turkish construction company.


Value Of The Property

the value of the property is transferred from the buyer's bank account to the account of the Turkish construction company.


Bank procedure

the full purchasing value must be recorded on the title deed and the amount must have been transferred by bank transfer to the seller.


not to sell within 3 years

Before issuing the title deed, a request must be made to set the condition of not selling the property for a period of no less than 3 years.


Certificate Of Conformity

This document is called “Uygunluk Belgisi” which means that you have fulfilled the conditions of the Land Registry Department in full.

Turkish Citizenship

Heading to the naturalization department where we will take the following actions


Investors Residency

An Investors Residency Permit must be submitted for the applicant, There is no need to submit one for family members, This kind of residency is exclusive to Turkish Citizenship applicants.


Applying For Turkish Citizenship

After obtaining the residence permit, you and your family members will be eligible to apply for Turkish Citizenship, The husband, wife, and all kids under 18 will be granted it.


Obtaining Citizenship

Which is the final stage, your naturalization decision will be issued and approved by the presidency of the Turkish Republic within 45-60 days, after that, you'll submit your fingerprints in order to get the Turkish IDs.

Some facts about Turkish Passport

The Turkish Passport gives you the chance to visit 121 country around the world,
and makes it super easy to get the entry visa to the European Union (Schengen)

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Country Visa Status Stay Duration
Albania Visa Free 90 Days
Antigua and Barbuda Visa Free 180 Days
Argentina Visa Free 90 Days
Armenia Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 120 Days
Azerbaijan Visa Free 90 Days
Bahamas Visa Free 8 Months
Bahrain Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 14 Days
Bangladesh Visa On-Arrival 30 Days
Barbados Visa Free 6 Months
Belarus Visa Free 30 Days
Belize Visa Free 90 Days
Benin Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa
Bolivia, Plurinational State of Visa Free 90 Days
Bosnia and Herzegovina Visa Free 90 Days
Botswana Visa Free 90 Days
Brazil Visa Free 90 Days
Brunei Darussalam Visa Free 30 Days
Cape Verde Visa On-Arrival
Cambodia Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 30 Days
Chile Visa Free 90 Days
Colombia Visa Free 180 Days
Comoros Visa On-Arrival 45 Days
Costa Rica Visa Free 90 Days
Cote d’Ivoire E-Visa 3 Months
Djibouti E-Visa 31 Days
Dominica Visa Free 21 Days
Dominican Republic Visa Free 90 Days
Ecuador Visa Free 90 Days
El Salvador Visa Free 3 Months
Swaziland Visa Free 30 Days
Ethiopia E-Visa 90 Days
Fiji Visa Free 4 Months
Gabon Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 90 Days
Gambia Visa Free 90 Days
Georgia Visa Free 360 Days
Guatemala Visa Free 90 Days
Guinea E-Visa 90 Days
Guinea-Bissau Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 30 Days
Haiti Visa Free 90 Days
Indonesia Visa Free 30 Days
Iran, Islamic Republic of Visa Free 3 Months
Iraq Visa Free
Jamaica Visa Free 90 Days
Japan Visa Free 90 Days
Jordan Visa Free 3 Months
Kazakhstan Visa Free 30 Days
Kenya Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 30 Days
Korea, Republic of Visa Free 90 Days
Kuwait Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 3 Months
Kyrgyzstan Visa Free 30 Days
Lao People’s Democratic Republic Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 30 Days
Lebanon Visa On-Arrival 3 Months
Madagascar Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 90 Days
Malawi E-Visa 90 Days
Malaysia Visa Free 3 Months
Maldives Visa On-Arrival 30 Days
Marshall Islands Visa On-Arrival 90 Days
Mauritania Visa On-Arrival
Mauritius Visa Free 90 Days
Micronesia, Federated States of Visa Free 30 Days
Moldova, Republic of Visa Free 90 Days
Mongolia Visa Free 30 Days
Montenegro Visa Free 90 Days
Morocco Visa Free 3 Months
Mozambique Visa On-Arrival 30 Days
Myanmar E-Visa 28 Days
Namibia Visa On-Arrival
Nepal Visa On-Arrival 90 Days
Nicaragua Visa Free 90 Days
Oman E-Visa 30 Days
Palau Visa On-Arrival 30 Days
Panama Visa Free 180 Days
Paraguay Visa Free 90 Days
Peru Visa Free 183 Days
Philippines Visa Free 30 Days
Qatar Visa Free 90 Days
North Macedonia Visa Free 60 Days
Rwanda Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa
Saint Kitts and Nevis Visa Free 3 Months
Saint Lucia Visa Free 6 Weeks
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Visa Free 1 Month
Sao Tome and Principe Visa Free 15 Days
Senegal Visa On-Arrival 90 Days
Serbia Visa Free 90 Days
Sierra Leone Visa On-Arrival
Singapore Visa Free 30 Days
Somalia Visa On-Arrival 30 Days
South Africa Visa Free 30 Days
Sri Lanka Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 30 Days
Sudan Visa On-Arrival 1 Month
Tajikistan Visa On-Arrival 45 Days
Tanzania, United Republic of Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 3 Months
Thailand Visa Free 30 Days
Timor-Leste Visa On-Arrival 30 Days
Togo Visa On-Arrival 7 Days
Tonga Visa On-Arrival 31 Days
Trinidad and Tobago Visa Free 90 Days
Tunisia Visa Free 3 Months
Turkey Turkish Republic
Tuvalu Visa On-Arrival 1 Month
Uganda Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 3 Months
Ukraine Visa Free 90 Days
Uruguay Visa Free 90 Days
Uzbekistan Visa Free 30 Days
Vanuatu Visa Free 30 Days
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Visa Free 90 Days
Zambia Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 90 Days
Zimbabwe Both Visa On-Arrival and E-Visa 3 Months

Some facts about Turkiye 2023

Turkey is a fascinating and important part of the world, with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant modern society.

Listed in the top 20 countries by economy size

More than 206 public, free, and globally-ranked university

The only country that provides citizenship without a residency condition

The fastest growing economy in the EU

Permanent citizenship that goes to children and grandchildren

You dont have to forefit your original citizenship to get the Turkish one

A great strategic location connects the east with the west

A safe stable community with low crime rates

Properties suitable for Turkish citizenship

We have chosen for you a range of Luxury real estate projects that will be live in Luxuriously

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