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Istanbul is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, consisting of multiple regions, each of one is a city on its own in terms of urban and residential character and in terms of providing decentralized services with huge networks of transportation linking them all together to grant you the most beautiful life experience between the two continents.

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Our clients satisfaction is our top priority, a mission we never cease to achieve.

I sincerely would like to thank and respect the company representatives of First Istanbul Real Estate Consultancy. Starting from, Mr.M.Muhammad Turkmani, to the work team that provided its services with professionalism and transparency, down to the last worker in the company that works to meet the needs of its customers in its real estate and service departments with honesty and integrity.
Tariq Mohammad Bin Laden
I visited the residential complex of "First Istanbul" company, and frankly, I found out that the housing and the place of residence for the project is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, and the design of the villas is very impressive, and most importantly, the owner of the company, Brother Muhammad, is special as a person in his cooperation, honest in his speech and smooth in cooperation, we wish him success in his trade and life. all the gratitude and appreciation.
Khalid Mohammad Albadiwi
It was a must for me, due to the good treatment and transparency that I received, to extend my heartfelt thanks to the management of the company "First Istanbul", and all the employees. wishing them more success and the best of luck May God bless them all. Muscat, Oman
Saleem Bin Saeed Bin Saleem Albadry
Thanks with great appreciation, love and respect to "First Istanbul" for their intelligent professionalism and how they treat the customer with understanding and vitality. What makes them different is the ability to analyze the client's desires and provide the appropriate visualization with flexibility and comfort. All gratitude and appreciation Wishing them more success, progress and prosperity Qatar.
Abdulaziz Dalloul
مشاهدة الفيديو
It's a great pleasure to write about First Istanbul. I met its director, the Eng.Muhammad Safwan Turkmani, several years ago,treated me as if he had known me for decades. He helped me renew the residence permit, buy some real estate, and other services, and he did them to the fullest, with professionalism and genuineness. First Istanbul company and its officials are the best to take the necessary procedures for residence permits and real estate, accepting students in Turkish universities and work permits. The employees of the company, from the top of the pyramid to the end, carry out their work with professionalism and genuineness, and I advise others to approach them with the aforementioned matters and they will never regret it Doha, Qatar
Dr.Abdulrahman Almasri
مشاهدة الفيديو
Greeting: To the honorable Professor "Muhammad Turkmani" and all the employees of First Istanbul Company. From the treatment and honesty in all the project’s procedures, location, administrative and legal matters, the speed and accuracy of the complete procedures are one of the most wonderful projects. Special thanks go to Mr. Muhammad, Mr.Hakam, Bahjat, Anas and all the brothers and sisters The United Arab Emirates
Mohammad Saadoun Abdulrahman
مشاهدة الفيديو
Thanks and appreciation: On behalf of myself and my family, I extend my deepest thanks, gratitude and gratitude to the entire “First Istanbul” family, especially to my brother, M. / Muhammad Safwan Turkmani. I found love, advice, honesty, transparency, sincerity and activity from them since the first day of my dealings with them, so I decided to deal with them only and complete all the transactions in the Turkish Republic through them only. The "First Istanbul" team is efficient, professional and kind, so I strongly advise everyone and recommend those I know and those I don't know to communicate with them and deal with them. First Istanbul helps us with tourist residence permits, companies Establishing, work permits, business and real estate. I thank all the First Istanbul team once again from the bottom of my heart and wish them further progress, prosperity, success and excellence. With all of my thanks and appreciation.
Dr. Ali Rahhal
Faisal Arroub
Reporter At Barada Channel
مشاهدة الفيديو
Ahmad Aliwi
مشاهدة الفيديو
Qoutaiba Alkhodur
مشاهدة الفيديو

First Istanbul Services in Turkey


Real Estate Services

Providing real estate consultancy. Picking up the client from the airport. Preparing tours on real estate projects. Follow up on contracting and sales procedures. The possibility of remote purchase (online).


After Sales Service

-Follow up on registration procedures in the title deed. -Preparing the property for housing (water, electricity, gas). -Decoration and furnishing of the property as desired by the owner. -Real estate management (Rental - Resale).


Turkish Citizenship.

Specialized legal team to follow up with the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship for the owner and his family in return for purchasing the right property. Follow up on obtaining Real Estate Residence Permit for the owner and his family.


Student Services

Student Counselling - Documents Authentications - Universities admissions - Best Student Scholarships - University registration process - Airport Student Pickup – Arranging The Required Housing.

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