Real estate and apartments for sale in Turkey

First Istanbul independent Turkish real estate agents. It is a real estate marketing company as it owns many private real estate projects with distinguished services in terms of options and competitive prices.

The Exclusive and Premium Property

We have chosen for you a range of Luxury real estate projects that will be live in Luxuriously


Residential properties vary between apartments, villas, houses, and all other types of properties.


Commercial real estate in Turkey represents the most important type of investment in real estate in Turkey, characterized by good returns throughout the year.

We provide full service at every step.

You will own the right property, in the most beautiful city at the best prices from the best real estate companies in Turkey.


Real Estate Management

Providing real estate consultancy. Picking up the client from the airport. Preparing tours on real estate projects. Follow up on contracting and sales procedures. The possibility of remote purchase (online).


Real estate consulting

The multilingual technical and advisory staff at First Istanbul put in the hands of our valued customers extensive experience and deep knowledge of the characteristics of the real estate market in Turkey.


Turkish Citizenship.

Did you know that citizens of more than 25 countries around the world obtained Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership? Read about the executive steps for Turkish citizenship and how to obtain it.


After-sales service

What is included in the after-sales services: real estate registration - obtaining residency - Turkish citizenship - real estate decoration and furnishing - real estate resale - establishing a company


Legal advice

Providing legal advice and representation to clients involved in real estate transactions or disputes. This could include assisting clients with the purchase, sale or rental of property


Educational Services

First Istanbul offers you free educational consulting services to study in Turkish universities, and also helps you to obtain admission in the best private Turkish universities.

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    We have chosen for you a package of distinctive real estate projects that suit all needs, including family housing, investment property, and commercial shops...

    Municipalities In Istanbul

    Istanbul is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in the world, consisting of multiple regions, each of one is a city on its own in terms of urban and residential character

    Customer Reviews

    Our clients satisfaction is our top priority, a mission we never cease to achieve.

    We visited Istanbul in 2019 and met Hakam from First Istanbul. We didn’t know anything about Istanbul Real Estate, so we asked Hakam for a recommendation. He gave his honest opinion and recommended a project that was under construction. The process was very smooth, and First Istanbul took care of everything, including the paperwork for Turkish Citizenship. We loved working with First Istanbul and highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a property in Istanbul.
    I dealt with First Istanbul Company in Türkiye.
    Most important to me is the team and the wide services it provides.
    Evaluate problems and provide solutions for business in Istanbul.
    Accompany you in government departments.
    Providing all services and facilities.
    I felt comfortable dealing with them.
    They provided me with services and solutions.
    They shortened my time and this is very important to me
    Ahmad Aliwi
    Ahmad Aliwi
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    I previously dealt with other companies .
    Only to deal with First Istanbul .
    He is characterized by brotherhood and honesty .
    I liked working with your company .
    Company established by First Istanbul .
    Then they helped me buy a property in Türkiye .
    In addition to enrolling my son in one of the best Turkish universities .
    Dealing with them is characterized by brotherhood and credibility .
    I hope to see First in a higher rank.. All the best
    Qoutaiba Alkhodur
    Qoutaiba Alkhodur
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    I thank First Istanbul for the dedication in providing services.
    The company helped me obtain a tourism residence permit.
    Today First is working on establishing my company in Türkiye.
    The corporate team provides important legal information.
    I found at First what I did not find in other companies.
    Dealing with you gave me confidence to invest through you in the future.
    I wish your company every success.
    I advise my friends to deal with First Istanbul.
    Habib Alkhawam
    Habib Alkhawam
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    I am “Maram Al-Rifai” from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. I would like to thank the company’s team, especially “Hakam, Huda, Islam” for providing me with complete information about the property requested by me in terms of compliance with all the details I requested for the property. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the company’s crew accompanying me in the tour and for taking the time to give me a closer look to the real estate, especially Mr. Hakam and Mrs. Huda. Jordan
    Maram Al-Rifai
    Maram Al-Rifai
    Bank Manager
    A kind greeting to Mr.Mohammed Turkmani in particular and the First Istanbul group and its youth for the sincere and upscale handling that makes you feel comfortable and secure, and that you are between family and brothers that inspire you to all the best and success, We wish you more progress and success. First Istanbul.. #Truthful_handling Kingdom Saudi Arabia
    3D Rounded Country Flag button Icon series
    Mr.Tammam Mustafa Madwar
    Five months after I started dealing with First Istanbul, I realized the source of people’s trust in the company’s team, which I thank for the services and real estate and legal advice they provided me, which contributed to completing my transactions in a perfect manner and within a short period. I especially would like to thank Mr.Bahgat and his unique service team. Best wishes for success.
    Abdulhadi Alshater
    Thanks with great appreciation, love and respect to “First Istanbul” for their intelligent professionalism and how they treat the customer with understanding and vitality. What makes them different is the ability to analyze the client’s desires and provide the appropriate visualization with flexibility and comfort. All gratitude and appreciation Wishing them more success, progress and prosperity Qatar.
    Abdulaziz Dalloul
    Abdulaziz Dalloul
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    I sincerely would like to thank and respect the company representatives of First Istanbul Real Estate Consultancy. Starting from, Mr.M.Muhammad Turkmani, to the work team that provided its services with professionalism and transparency, down to the last worker in the company that works to meet the needs of its customers in its real estate and service departments with honesty and integrity.
    Tariq Mohammad Bin Laden
    I visited the residential complex of “First Istanbul” company, and frankly, I found out that the housing and the place of residence for the project is one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, and the design of the villas is very impressive, and most importantly, the owner of the company, Brother Muhammad, is special as a person in his cooperation, honest in his speech and smooth in cooperation, we wish him success in his trade and life. all the gratitude and appreciation.
    Khalid Mohammad Albadiwi
    It was a must for me, due to the good treatment and transparency that I received, to extend my heartfelt thanks to the management of the company “First Istanbul”, and all the employees. wishing them more success and the best of luck May God bless them all. Muscat, Oman
    Saleem Bin Saeed Bin Saleem Albadry
    Contact First Istanbul to invest online.
    Easy, clear and simple method.
    The company team sent me the project details.
    The team answers all questions in this regard.
    I liked the accuracy and speed of answering questions that concern me.
    First rest assured that everything is done clearly.
    Trust and strong customer service.
    Do not hesitate to invest through First Istanbul.
    The time is right to contact them.
    Faisal Arroub
    Faisal Arroub
    Reporter At Barada Channel
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