After sale services

What ınclude after sale services:

Real Estate Registration

First Istanbul offers the service of registering the new property in the relevant government departments in the municipality, land registry, water, electricity, gas, real estate insurance and communications. This is done with the assistance and accompaniment of the client in following up the transactions or authorizing us to do this work in full, until he receives the property ready for use.

Obtaining Residence Permit

Whether the residence permit that the client desires in Turkey is a tourist or to work as an investor, our company can be relied on to help him obtain this residence permit in the fastest and easiest way, through our specialized and experienced team in following up on these transactions in all concerned authorities.

Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property

According to Turkish laws, investors who purchase suitable properties worth more than 400 thousand dollars have the right to claim Turkish citizenship through strict procedures with some specialized government agencies. First Istanbul offers its clients its legal and administrative expertise to request and follow up on the treatment of citizenship at the lowest costs and the fastest time.

Real Estate Decor And Furnishing

Through a wide range of luxurious and practical Turkish furnishings suitable for different tastes and needs, First Istanbul offers its valued customers the service of furnishing and decorating the new property according to what suits the client by accompanying him with the selection or complete furnishing of the property before receiving it ready for housing.

Investing The Property

The real estate investment service includes leasing or operating according to the type of real estate. Residential apartments and villas can be rented furnished per day, week, months, or unfurnished on an annual basis. It is also possible to secure private real estate for comfortable and secure investment, as in: Shops within malls - Offices and floors in business buildings with high and stable returns. - Apartments and studios affiliated with hotels, which are considered a reliable and useful investment even from a tourist point of view that may guarantee you the opportunity to spend a free vacation in the hotel you are investing with.

Real estate resale

Through a specialized team, First Istanbul resells the property to its valued customers by displaying the property in its marketing network after providing the necessary consultations at the right time to display this property for the best possible price.

Establishing A Company

Due to the increasing demand for commercial investment in Turkey resulting from the stability and economic growth in it, First Istanbul provides the service of establishing Turkish companies to our valued non-Turkish customers, in order to ensure that they achieve the best results and overcome the legal and technical errors that some may make., and this includes all procedures from site allocation to Receipt of the company's identification papers ready for work.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Banking Investment

According to Turkish law, a foreigner has the right to obtain Turkish citizenship by depositing a sum of money in Turkish banks through a series of precise procedures that we are honored to follow professionally and quickly for the benefit of our valued customers to join the list of families that obtained Turkish citizenship. The most in demand in the Middle East through a bank deposit.

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