Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate

Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Ownership

On 13th of June 2022, the Turkish government issued an amendment to the law of granting Turkish citizenship through investment by making the required value of purchased property is 400 thousand dollars, provided that not selling the property for the next 3 years.

Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Ownership

Steps to obtaining Turkish Citizenship through Real Estate ownership

Contacting A Real Estate Consulting Agency

The process of obtaining The Turkish Citizenship begins with getting in touch with a real estate consultancy agency in Turkey and taking a tour to see the appropriate properties to obtain citizenship.

Transfer the value of the property

After selecting the property, the value of the property is transferred from the buyer's bank account to the account of the Turkish construction company. Payment in cash or purchase by a non-Turkish person or company is not accepted.

Signing contracts

Then the contracts between the buyer and seller are signed and ratified by the Notary Department (notary public).

Going to the Land Registry and Land Survey Department

Then the two parties go to the Land Registry and Land Survey Department in the area in which the property is located, and the ownership is transferred to the new buyer with the signing of a commitment not to sell for a period of 3 years.

Preparing an application file for obtaining Turkish citizenship

Here, the stage of preparing the file for obtaining Turkish citizenship begins, and a lawyer must be appointed to manage the file in the relevant government departments.

Real Estate appraisal report

issuing the real estate appraisal report at the companies licensed by the Turkish government to grant them, where the value of the property must not be less than 400 thousand dollars.

issuing document (Suitable For Turkish Citizenship).

Issuing document (Suitable For Turkish Citizenship) Obtained from the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization in Turkey.

Citizenship file

Including the citizenship file with some necessary documents.

Investor residence permit

Then the buyer is granted (investor residence permit), which is a condition that must be attached to the citizenship file.

Citizenship stages

Then the process enters the stage of obtaining citizenship, which takes between 45 and 90 days, and the investor is given a tracking number to follow the progress of the application stages.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship

After the eight stages are completed, a message will arrive on the investor’s phone containing the approval to grant him Turkish citizenship, and a date is set for the attendance of all family members to the (Civil Registry Department) in the region to take fingerprints and grant Turkish identities.

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All you need to know about obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property

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