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Through a wide network of partnerships and strong relationships in Turkey, First Istanbul was able to build a very large database of projects and unique real estate opportunities in several important cities and regions, which allowed it to secure a wide range of investment options for clients distributed on several levels:

Understanding the customer needs

First Istanbul is constantly studying the Needs of its clients in the field of investment in the Turkish real estate market, and is watching with interest the changes and developments in the client’s preference, for example, but not limited to:

  • Launching targeted and appropriate projects for our clients that consider the privacy of the family.
  • Developing modern areas for apartment projects in Istanbul.
  • Discovering new tourist areas within the client’s environments
  • Investors seek to take advantage of the giant strategic projects in Turkey by purchasing land or participating in investing in nearby real estate.

All you need to know about obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property

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The Real Estate Consultancy

The multilingual technical and advisory staff at First Istanbul put in the hands of our valued customers extensive experience and deep knowledge of the characteristics of the real estate market in Turkey, to provide the most accurate details and information about the developments and fluctuations of this market and how to protect the investment from it in addition to ensuring the greatest return on investment with the least risks, through A comprehensive local vision of the areas nature in Istanbul and the rest of the Turkish cities and their tourist areas, and anticipating the upcoming developments in each of them by following up on effective government decisions and strategic projects, such as roads opening, building bridges, tunnels, new types of transportation, and huge facilities such as ports, airports, and commercial and tourist facilities .

From here First Istanbul can answer the most important questions in this sector:

Is this a good time to buy or sell?

Which projects are best suited to my current budget?

Can I trust this developer company?

Where can I buy an apartment or villa for tourism or residence?

Is this part of city suitable for my family’s residency?

Is this project suitable for residency or investment by leasing or resale?

What factors will make this project profitable for me in the medium term?

Which areas are best suited for large, medium or small investment?

Why do Turkish investors and developers care about these modern areas?

Choosing and displaying suitable properties

The business development staff at First Istanbul strive to provide the best solutions and investment ideas to its valued customers by focusing on their requirements and needs at various levels, starting from small apartments and villas for summer and recreation to the largest partnerships in real estate projects in Turkey.


Accordingly, we follow developments in the Turkish real estate market and take advantage of the new opportunities usually available to Turkish investors to put them in the hands of our valued customers to expand the circle of benefit from this large market. We are not limited to what is offered by Turkish companies to the foreign client, but we go beyond it to offer him the experience of housing and life among the high-end Turkish elites in areas professionally prepared for the elites, whether modern life within cities or luxury and purity in the quiet luxury countryside

Picking Ups And Real Estate Tours

Picking up the customer inside Turkey to inspect the property

First Istanbul provides all logistic services in Turkey to its valued customers, including, as desired:

  • Picking up the client at the airport.

  • Hotel reservation in a convenient location for the movement of the client in the city.

  • Visit the suggested areas and learn about the surrounding environment and available services.

  • Visit real estate websites to preview and view the project if it is ready for delivery.

  • Inspect the project and the real estate model on the site if it is under construction.

All you need to know about obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property

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