Keleş Center -Basin Express

Investment Project in one of the best investment Locations

Project Features

Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
Strategic Location

At the meeting point of the main road hubs in Istanbul

People's Park

One of the closest Projects to the People's Park

Investment Project

Due to its unique location and various options

Living in residential complexes in Istanbul has special advantages, due to the perfect services provided by this wonderful environment, which raises the housing style to a highest level of comfort and security.

Security 24/7

Indoor Pool


Turkish Bath and Sauna

Children's Playground

Near to the Courthouse

Commercial Shops


Multi-storey Car Park

Project Description

Keleş Center is one of the most prominent projects located near the former Ataturk Airport, specifically at the intersection of the E-5 highway with the Basin Express commercial road, which gives it exceptional importance in terms of location.
As well as being with residential and investment advantages due to the variety of purchase options in it, including apartments, offices and shops with various options and spaces.
The project includes a building designated to be a service system, and when the construction is completed, it may be a hotel, university or hospital, which enhances the importance of the project, strengthens investment opportunities in it, and enhances the profits of investors.

Architectural Specifications

The project offers residential and investment options ranging from one room and a hall to three rooms and a hall with full kitchen equipment and standard building systems.

Land Area: 23.000 M2

Blocks: 2 Residential Building + 1 Service building
Max Height: 11 Floor
Units: 498

Construction Company

“Keleş” Construction Company has 30 years of accumulated experience in the construction and contracting sector, and over 3 decades it was able to offer dozens of residential, commercial and service complexes with distinctive and luxurious urban systems, which led to attracting investors to its projects in a remarkable way.

Project Location And Features

  • City: Istanbul
  • Area: Basin Express, European Istanbul

Basin Express has a great importance to investors because of its location linking the city’s highways E-5 and E-80 and it stretches from the former Ataturk Airport to Mall of Istanbul, to connect with a main road to Istanbul International Airport, surrounded by hundreds of international companies, international schools, universities and Five Star hotels.


Project Pictures

Real Estate Types (Apartments)

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