5 Levent – Eyüp Sultan

Residential investment. Awarded for the Best Urban Transformation Project in Istanbul.

Project's Features

Suitable For Turkish Citizenship
Luxurios Residential Location

In Eyüp Sultan, In the European side of Istanbul.

Close to Belgrade Forest and The Golden Horn
Government Guarantee

As the project is in partnership with Istanbul's great Municipality.

Living in residential complexes in Istanbul has special advantages, due to the perfect services provided by this wonderful environment, which raises the housing style to a high level of comfort, pleasure and security.

24/7 Security

Outdoor Pools

Sport Fields

Indoor Pools

Children's Playground

Commercial Shops



Panoramic Views

Turkish Bath

Festival Square

Restaurants And Cafes

Project Description

“5 Levent” project is classified as one of the best construction projects in Istanbul, as it won the award for the best urban transformation project because of its urban systems and its way of construction that is compatible with international building systems.
The project is considered a successful option for housing or investment because of its location in the first place and its alignment with two subway stations, one of which is accessed via a private elevator in the project, and the other is under construction and it will link the project with Istanbul International Airport upon its opening. 5 Levent provides many diverse residential and commercial options with a huge package of social and recreational services that makes a unique world for a life full of luxury.

Architectural specifications

The Apartment styles range from an apartment with a hall to four rooms with a regular hall, and a residence with two options, a closed kitchen and an open kitchen. Most of the apartments feature two balconies, giving them wider views of the Belgrade forests on one side and the city and the international road on the other.

Land Area: 516.000 M2

Blocks: 17 Max Height: 13 Floor Units: 2294 Apartment + 40 Commercial Shop

Construction Company

“Torunlar” company was established in 1977 as a small construction company, while the year 1993 witnessed a great development for it to become one of the most prominent construction companies with a big name and value in the Turkish real estate market by launching many infrastructure projects and residential and commercial complexes, and it has been mostly active in Istanbul and Antalya.

Project Location And Features

  • City: Istanbul
  • Area: European Istanbul, Eyüpsultan

The Eyüp Sultan area is an important source of history in Turkey and a center of attraction for tourists due to its historical, tourist and cultural attractions. During the past two decades, the region witnessed a prominent government interest, starting with the rehabilitation and beautification of the Golden Horn Bay, which constitutes a vital line in the heart of the city, as well as Eyup’s mediation of the road between Belgrade forests and city centers represented by Taksim and Şişli.


Project Pictures

Real Estate Types (Apartments)

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