First Istanbul Real Estate Consulting and Investments Company

A Turkish company that seeks leadership by providing the best solutions and investment advice in the real estate and services sector in Turkey. Accrediting the highest international standards and destined for it towards our clients.


First Istanbul was established in 2017 in Istanbul to offer its customers the best products, solutions and investment ideas in the vast Turkish real estate market.

First Istanbul was officially registered in the Chambers of Commerce in Istanbul with the Commercial Registry No. 105539 . Approved by the financial departments in Istanbul with a tax number 3880970585 to carry out its commercial and service activities in Istanbul and other Turkish cities.

In addition, handing its customers many real estate investment options that suit their potential and aspirations, starting from buying and investing residential or commercial real estate to securing partnership or investment in major real estate projects, passing through villas, lands and distinguished tourism projects.

Moreover, First Istanbul is characterized by technical and legal cadres with extensive experience with the characteristics of the Turkish real estate market, and the features of the regions and real estate and tourism projects in Turkey. In addition to deep knowledge of the client’s requirements and mentality. Thus, ensures the provision of the best solutions and options that are safer and higher in terms of quality and return on investment.

Our values

Consulting is a trust

We perform it for our clients as a result of our experience and knowledge.

Perfection in the service

The customer will be able to sense it from the very first moment, right until after receiving the property.


It's like being at home with a multinational and multilingual team.


the customer feels it with the experienced and credible company staff.

Work Team

Company's activities

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You will own the right property, in the most beautiful city at the best prices from the best real estate companies in Turkey.

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